Cowboys detractors hope a sea of Jessicas will distract quarterback Tony Romo

By Gerri Miller
Updated December 21, 2007 04:35 PM
LM Otero/AP

If one Jessica Simpson may have distracted Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, imagine what a stadium full of them could do.

The Web site Ruin Romo wants to find out. It urges fans of other NFL teams to download a Simpson mask to wear at Romo’s games Saturday at Carolina and the following week at Washington.

“Help your team to victory by letting Tony Romo know the love of his life is in the stands!!!” it instructs. “Celebrate after your team wins! Spread the word to everyone you know!!”

Simpson, 27, who watched last Sunday’s game from a luxury box in a pink No. 9 jersey, was blamed for boyfriend Romo’s poor play and his team’s loss to Philadelphia.

Cowboys fans and his teammate Terrell Owens have accused her of being a bad luck charm, though Owens apologized for his remarks, saying he was kidding.