"This is something that's been inspired by God," says the leader of a grassroots campaign

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 15, 2005 03:00 PM

Never mind the Emmys, some fans think Oprah Winfrey deserves an even bigger award: the Nobel Peace Prize.

Citing the TV queen’s humanitarian work, generosity, charity and “high fashion,” a grassroots campaign has emerged to hand the honor to Winfrey.

“This is something that’s been inspired by God,” said Rocky Twyman, 56, described by the Washington Times as devoted D.C.-area publicist and Oprah fan who is spearheading a petition drive. “It’s a grassroots campaign in its very beginning stages.”

Twyman, who aims to collect about 100,000 signatures by December, adds for New York’s Daily News: “We’re just really impressed with what she has done to raise the level of consciousness about hunger, poverty, homeless, women’s issues and, of course, the issue of AIDS.”

Twyman says he intends to send his 100,000 signatures and nomination petition to previous Nobel winners Nelson Mandela and former President Jimmy Carter in the hopes that they’ll forward it to the committee in Norway that decides the prize.

Winfrey and the Nobel committee have so far yet to comment on Twyman’s drive. He so far has 300 signatures, says the Daily News.