Readers Tweet congratulations to the Office star and (funny) regrets that they can't date him

By Brian Orloff
Updated August 28, 2009 05:45 PM

Just like his television persona Jim Halpert from the The Office, John Krasinski is getting hitched in real life. And after the news broke of his engagement to Emily Blunt earlier Friday, reactions flooded in on Twitter from well-wishers and fans who expressed some good-natured regrets that Krasinski is officially off the market.

Here’s what some readers said:

• “I love them both!!!!! Yayyy!!!,” @NegativeNatalie.

• @triciamc71 echoed that sentiment, writing, “Aww! Jim!! Cute.”

• “AND…a million girls are crying now,” @ldrichel Tweeted at PEOPLE.

• @AMCamp wrote, “A small part of my life is over,” while @Meha responded, “the fangirl in me is srsly depressed.”

• Added @redcoloredstars, “BRB, ACTUALLY SOBBING IN A CORNER RN D:”

• @ITveee summed up all reactions with her Tweet. “I’m happy for them no really I am…ok ”

• But just because he’s not available it doesn’t mean fans don’t hold a torch for the star. Wrote @fevered_deviant, “This makes me sad ? i’ll always love you john!”