The Internet video appears to feature the Grey's Anatomy star and his wife
Credit: Alex Berliner/BEImages

Eric Dane’s Grey’s Anatomy character is nicknamed McSteamy. Now it appears the actor’s real life may live up to that moniker: A video – which appears to feature the actor, his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, and another woman in some compromising positions – has spread like wildfire online.

Fans of the star aren’t holding back. “How hilarious is the Eric Dane 3 way sex tape? I’m convinced everyone has a sex tape. There’s a lot of anatomy present and it isn’t grey, ” writes Travonfree on

Most posters on Twitter seem amused – or excited – by the newly surfaced tape, which was first posted on

• “Eric Dane has a sex tape? I think this is the first celebrity sex tape that I actually want to see…Haha…” Tweets thesarahconrad.

• Eric Dane has a sex tape now too?! HA! Not gonna lie…I totally have to see it.” – audrey_canary

• Eric Dane has made a sex tape. See, people? God does answer prayers. – AnnieW177

• Eric dane/Rebecca Gayheart sex tape fail. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL! – YasmineBee

• Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart have a druggy sex tape w/ an old beauty queen. NSFW. FUNNY! – TheDahTheory

The third woman in the video is reportedly Kari Ann Peniche, who was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2002 but was stripped of the title after posing for Playboy.