Fake Ryan Gosling Stuns German Awards Show While Accepting Prize for 'La La Land'

The imposter was spotted at the German film awards show Goldene Kamera over the weekend, where he boldly accepted an award for La La Land

Warning: There is a fake Ryan Gosling on the loose in Germany.

The imposter was spotted at the German film awards show Goldene Kamera — or Golden Camera, in English — on Saturday, where he boldly accepted an award for La La Land on behalf of the real actor, who not in attendance.

In a clip from the event, the host is heard announcing to the audience, “Here is the one and only Ryan Gosling.” But instead of the La La Land star, a lackluster substitute walked out on stage, much to the surprise of the star-studded audience, which included Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Jane Fonda.

The impersonator, who bears a slight resemblance to the actor, spoke in a thick German accent while thanking “Joko and Klaas,” before saying “bye-bye” and walking away with the trophy in hand.

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Fortunately, the audience members seemed to take the prank in stride — for the most part. Kidman was seen laughing, while Farrell seemed less impressed, staring at the stage stone-faced. The awards show itself did not appear to be in on the joke, as host Steven Gätjen appeared visibly perplexed.

The stunt seems to have been orchestrated by German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer, who star on the German comedy show Circus HalliGalli. According to a video the jokesters posted to YouTube, they came up the scheme as a way of claiming a Golden Camera award for their show. Since they weren’t nominated for anything, they figured they could steal a trophy by sending someone to impersonate a famous actor.

The Gosling imposter is identified in the video as Ludwig Lehner, a chef from Munich. Somehow the comedians were able to convince the awards show that the real Gosling was making an appearance. “I barely could believe it, it was the Saturday of the award ceremony, and until this point, everything worked like a sewing machine. Perfect,” Winterscheidt explains in the video.

The pranksters assembled an entire team to pull off the stunt, surrounding the fake Gosling with handlers who attempted to shield him from the gaze of event organizers. Check out the video above — complete with English subtitle — to see how they pulled it off.

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