Let Bieber guide you into this new era in social media

By Lydia Price
Updated February 24, 2016 05:00 PM
Credit: Getty; Facebook

If you feel like you need an etiquette guide for the new Facebook reaction buttons, fear not, we have your back.

By “we,” we mean Justin Bieber.

In an effort to help us all understand Wednesday’s update on the social media network – which adds “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry” as options when you hover over the “like” button in an effort to make “likes” more accurate and specific – we’ve turned to some of Bieber’s most memorable moments. After all, his life constantly inspires a spectrum of emotions.

New button: Love
Appropriate time to use: When Bieber made his triumphant return to the MTV VMAs stage and got all emotional.

New button: Haha
Appropriate time to use: When you got a first glimpse of Bieber’s Zoolander 2 cameo.

New button: Angry
Appropriate time to use: When someone breached Bieber’s privacy and posted nude pictures of him online, leaving him feeling “super violated.”

New button: Wow
Appropriate time to use: When you first saw the “Sorry” video, and the moves had you like whoa.

Or, you know, when you saw his Calvin Klein commercials.

New button: Sad
Appropriate time to use: When he told Ellen DeGeneres it’s still “tough” to think about ex Selena Gomez – and it was still tough for you, too.