Tom Cruise has adopted a hands-off attitude toward his upcoming R-rated “Eyes Wide Shut,” which was directed by Stanley Kubrick, who died at age 70 last week. Cruise has vowed to keep the studio, Warner Bros., from making any attempt to fine-tune the $65 million psychosexual thriller into something more commercial than Kubrick had intended. The director presented the studio with a final cut the very week before he died. Cruise said any tampering with the film (which co-stars his wife, Nicole Kidman) will be done over his dead body. “If anyone tries to do it, they’ve got to get through me,” the star told Newsweek. “There’s no way that’s going to happen. It’s our movie, it’s Stanley’s movie, and no one’s going to touch it.”

  • In other news involving Cruise, tabloid photographer Eric Ford, 27, faces a fine of $20,000 and a year in prison for taping a cell phone conversation between Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Ford pleaded guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday to wiretapping, a federal crime. (It was a plea bargain. Ford could have faced up to 15 years in prison if convicted at trial.) Sentencing is scheduled for May 17.