Alex Heigl
December 30, 2013 03:00 PM

If you – like us – recently spent the better part of a week sprawled out on a couch, subsisting largely on leftover Christmas stuffing, candy canes, and eggnog, then you could probably use some physical activity.

Even if it’s Hungarian jump-rope, and happens to be entirely vicarious.

Filmmaker Gabor Zippenfenig shot this video of Hungary s Szombathelyi Kotelugro Klub, and while we’re tempted to look askance at the ever-increasing “extreme-ness” of literally every sport, we do have to say that watching someone whip a jump rope three times around themselves as they’re performing a backflip is exactly the kind of thing that the phrase “extreme jump rope” was invented to describe.

Basically, it’s like if everyone in The Matrix was really, really into jumping rope.

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