Dirk Been, part of the group of castaways on last year’s edition of “Survivor,” delivered a confidential, six-hour videotaped deposition Wednesday as part of fellow islander Stacey Stillman’s $70,000 lawsuit against CBS. Stillman contends that producers of the reality TV series manipulated the vote to oust her off the island. The deposition will remain secret due to confidentiality agreements that the show’s contestants sign before appearing. Been delivered his in an L.A. law office with lawyers for him, CBS and “Survivor” producers in attendance, reports the New York Post. Stillman herself asked the questions. “We’re very pleased with what Dirk said today,” Stillman’s attorney, Donald Yates, told the paper. CBS, meanwhile, has a $5 million lawsuit pending against Stillman, because the network contends that she broke her confidentiality agreement when she filed her suit last February.