Ex-Cosby Co-Worker Says the Star Paid Off Women

Former NBC employee Frank Scotti says he helped cover up Cosby's womanizing

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“I felt like a pimp,” former NBC employee Frank Scotti told the Today show, claiming he used to stand guard outside Bill Cosby‘s dressing room door whenever the comedian would invite young models to the Brooklyn studio where The Cosby Show was taped from 1984 to 1992.

“I felt dirty.”

Scotti, 90, who first came forward with his claims in an interview with the New York Daily News on Sunday, is the first show insider to detail the comedy icon’s alleged womanizing. He also claims to have distributed cash payments to Cosby’s female friends and once helped secure an apartment for a young woman at the TV star’s request.

On one occasion, he claims, Cosby asked him to disburse payments to women using “a satchel of money, all $100 bills,” allegedly insisting that Scotti send the cash through money orders, using his own name. “He was covering himself by having my name on it,” Scotti said. “It was a coverup. I realized later.”

Cosby’s attorney Martin Singer dismissed Scotti’s allegations. “What evidence does he have of Mr. Cosby’s involvement?” Singer told PEOPLE. “How would Scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary? It appears his story is pure speculation so he can get his 15 minutes of fame.”

Scotti also claimed that the owner of a local modeling agency would often stop by the studio with young models and drop them off at his dressing room. He said Cosby would pick out the woman he liked and the rest would leave.

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“The owner just walked right out,” recalled Scotti. “She knew exactly what was going to go on. Then he’d tell me, ‘Stand outside the door and don’t let anyone in.’ ”

Scotti decided to speak out as more than a dozen women have come forward with claims that Cosby sexually assaulted them.

“I felt sorry for the women,” says Scotti, who has some harsh words for the man he once considered a friend. “He was a very selfish person. He thought he was a genius. He thought he was better than everybody else.”

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