Ex-Beatle George Harrison, 58, has revealed to stunned friends that he’s losing his battle with cancer and expects to die soon, according to an interview with George Martin, the Beatles’ longtime producer and a friend of Harrison. “George is very philosophical. He does realize that everybody has got to die some time,” Martin was quoted as saying in London’s Mail on Sunday. “He is taking it easy and hoping that the thing will go away. He has an indomitable spirit — but he knows that he is going to die soon, and he is accepting that.” Two weeks ago, Harrison issued a statement in which he said he was “feeling fine” after undergoing radiotherapy for a brain tumor at a Swiss cancer clinic. Last May, Harrison had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to remove a cancerous growth from one of his lungs. Harrison, who also fought throat cancer in 1998, said in a recent interview, “I got (cancer) purely from smoking. I gave up cigarettes many years ago, but had started again for a while and then stopped in 1997.” A Harrison spokesman could not be reached for comment regarding Martin’s remarks.