The Star Wars actor is awarded $75,000 and the right to keep his vacation snaps sealed

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 06, 2004 12:00 PM
Ewan McGregor
Credit: Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZUMA

Ewan McGregor has claimed a victory and won nearly $75,000 in damages in his legal dispute with Britain s Daily Record and The Sun over vacation photos the publications used of him and his family.

Also having to settle with the Star Wars actor – who was awarded $9,220 in compensation and $64,500 in costs, reports Britain s Guardian newspaper – are photographer Jason Fraser and his company, Fraser Woodward Ltd.

The photos, taken in Mauritius in 2002 and distributed by the French agency Eliot Press, have been legally embargoed since November, when McGregor – who had requested that the media not photograph his children – first brought action in London s High Court. The pictures now will remain sealed.

A spokesman for McGregor, 33, said the Scottish star and his family – wife Eve and daughters Clara Mathilde, 8, and Esther Rose, 2 – are delighted, reports the BBC.

One of his attorneys, Nigel Tait, said in a statement that the case shows what options are available to “people in the public eye” who “are targeted by paparazzi photographers. (T)hey can take steps to protect their privacy even in public places.”

At the time he was snapped, McGregor said of the paparazzi: “They shouldn’t be shot, but they should be severely beaten up.”