April 13, 2004 03:14 PM

“Big Fish” star Ewan McGregor is on his way to New York, and he’s taking the scenic route — around the world, 20,000 miles on a motorcycle.

The Scottish actor, 33, said Tuesday that he will rely on the survival skills and medical emergency lessons he’s been taking since January in order to make the journey, which he said will last three months and kick off this week.

Trekking with him by way of Eastern Europe and the hostile terrain of Mongolia, Siberia and Alaska will be his friend Charley Boorman, 37, an actor who is the son of “Hope and Glory” film director John Boorman, who cast his son in his 1981 film “Excalibur,” as King Arthur’s young illegitimate son, Mordred.

The younger Boorman intends to make a documentary film about the road trip, called “Long Way ‘Round,” Reuters reports.

McGregor, who called the adventure a “once-in-a lifetime trip,” said that he and Boorman, who originally had planned to go only as far as China, have learned emergency medical procedures from ex-soldiers and are now ready to endure bitter weather, wildlife or serious accidents.

Furthermore, McGregor — whose Scottish film “Young Adam” is on the verge of premiering in New York — insists that his wife, Eve, and their two daughters, Clara and Esther, “understand and are fully behind us, (though) I think if the whole thing was called off tomorrow they would probably be delighted.”

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