This video has questions, and it's not going to "Let It Go"

By Drew Mackie
June 16, 2014 03:55 PM

WARNING: Above video contains explicit language

First off, no one’s saying that Frozen isn’t the life changer of a movie that you may find it to be. The music, the sisterhood, the abundant use of electric teal? All reasons you can still love it.

However, if you were to set aside your love and analyze Frozen carefully, it’s possible that you might find an inconsistency or two in the film’s plot. For example

Why even bother erasing Anna’s memory if Elsa is just going to live behind a locked door the whole time?

Did the subjects of Arendelle really just take the castle staff’s word for a full decade that yeah, the princesses are totally alive and safe but no, you can’t see them?

If Elsa can just wear those ice magic-suppressing gloves, was it necessary for her to spend that decade or so living in total isolation?

How does Anna remember Olaf the Snowman if she had her memories erased of anything related to Elsa’s ice magic?

And, of course, shouldn’t Anna have died of hypothermia?

Picky? Yes. Snarky? Of course. But before you respond with a defensive “This is Frozen we’re talking about!” know that the Cinema Sins guys have previously focused their oh-so-critical gaze on such cinematic greats as The Wizard of Oz, The Lord of the Rings, and Back to the Future, so Frozen is in good company, hypothermia concerns aside.

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