Even George Clooney Has Ups and Downs in Love

"I've been in some relationships where I've felt terribly alone," the screen hunk admits

Photo: Kika Press/Pacific Coast News

He may have twice carried the title of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, but even can be unlucky in love.

“I’ve had some absolutely great relationships and some not so great relationships,” the star, 48, tells London’s Daily Mirror. “I’ve been in some relationships where I’ve felt terribly alone. Just because you’re with someone it doesn’t mean you’re incredibly happy and complete.”

Stardom doesn’t change things, either. “I don’t think my experiences are any different than anybody else’s,” Clooney says. “They’ve just been amplified a little more.”

Despite his relationship tangles, it appears Clooney has landed on his feet. Lately, he has been dating Italian model and TV presenter Elisabetta Canalis, 30.

Who’s the Old Guy?

Clooney was in London to promote three films: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up in the Air and The Men Who Stare at Goats. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he addressed the challenges of being a middle-aged actor.

“I’m old,” he says with a laugh. “It’s an interesting thing to watch yourself grow older on screen. I was watching Up in the Air and I thought, ‘Who’s the old gray-haired guy?’ And it was me. I never wear makeup for movies and now it’s starting to show.”

Not that he’s complaining. I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead.”

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