The 19-year-old actress dishes on how she and the shock rocker met and fell in love

Asked to sum up boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s appeal in just one word, Evan Rachel Wood barely hesitates: “Eyeliner.”

“If you’ve ever dated me, then you would have ended up wearing eyeliner at some point,” she tells the British edition of Elle in its August issue. “All my boyfriends have.”

Makeup aside, Wood says the rocker – whom she calls simply “Manson” – is “lovely, really human and just amazing. It may surprise you just how healthy and loving our relationship is.”

“He’s crazy!” she says, laughing. “And crazy, by the way, is the highest compliment I pay. Manson is definitely crazy. Hopefully I am, too.”

Wood, 19, says she and Manson, 38, met at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, “both of us hiding in the corner of a party neither of us wanted to be at.”

She says they became “movie buddies,” until one night – after he separated from wife Dita Von Teese in December 2006 (Von Teese filed for divorce five days later) – “we just suddenly looked into one another’s eyes and knew.”

(Sources told PEOPLE in January that Manson’s relationship with Wood was a factor in Von Teese’s decision to file for divorce.)

Despite Manson’s hard-partying reputation, Wood says she herself is “hopeless at drinking.” Asked about drugs, she says: “I’m not saying I’m an angel, I just don’t have an addictive personality. Even today, with Manson, I’m happier staying home watching movies.”

She also gushes about her beau’s influence on her: “You should see his house, omigod, it’s a hurricane of creativity. And it’s making me feel more creative than ever before. I’m writing poetry, songs, taking photographs, experimenting with fashion, everything.”

Other things she’s learned from her relationship: “Just how cruel people can be. I’ve seen blogs where I’ve been called a slut, a whore, that say I should be condemned to death simply because I’ve fallen in love. Surely the fact that we are both prepared to go through all this proves just how important – and real – our love is, no? Everyone is so worried that I’m losing myself but really I’m finding myself. I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin.”

Previously, Wood dated Billy Elliott actor Jamie Bell, whom she met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. She has a ‘J’ tattooed in green on her left ankle – and for the record, yes, Bell wore eyeliner when he dated her. (“He looked great in mascara,” she says.)