Longoria also tells Playboy she's "not pregnant" but wants kids

Eva Longoria is baring all to Playboy – at least on matters of monogamy, money and maintaining a multi-faceted career.

Saying that she doesn’t “have time to be with more than one person” other than her boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs hoopster Tony Parker, the Desperate Housewives star tells the magazine for its September issue, “I fly home to Texas every weekend to be with Tony, and we know we have limited time together so we don’t waste it on anything like fighting.”

Between visits, she says, “We use our Sidekicks to send photos, which of course we’re keep clean. We’re both so afraid of anything obscene turning up on the Internet.”

She also states for the record, “Tony and I are not engaged. I’m not pregnant.”

Despite the success of her show, “I’m still really frugal, which is funny,” she says – citing how rather than simply buy a new box she once called the manufacturer to complain that “every zipper was broken in a box of Ziploc bags I was using.” The result? “They sent me five free boxes. I felt better. It’s the principle of the matter.”

Once again addressing a report in which she reputedly called herself the sex teacher to novice-in-love Parker, Longoria tells Playboy: “I’m 31, Tony’s 24. Tony’s been in one long-term relationship. I’ve been married, divorced and in several long-term relationships, so I’m definitely the experienced one.”

Longoria also reveals that she wants a successful career and to “become a va-va-voom movie star,” but, like role model Catherine Zeta-Jones, “I absolutely want to still go home at night to put my kids to bed. I won’t do a movie if it means canceling a vacation with Tony or my family. I would much rather get married and have babies than have the best career in the world.”