"They're trying to work things out," her rep tells PEOPLE

There are signs of hope in the relationship of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, whose split last week seemed only to last, well, a split second, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

“They’re trying to work things out,” Longoria’s rep, Liza Anderson, tells the magazine. “There is a genuine love there.”

During a recent romp in Paris – where point guard Parker was playing in exhibition games with the San Antonio Spurs – the couple took in the sights, partied at the VIP Room and dined at the famed Le Coupe-Chou.

Longoria, 31, and Parker, 24, met in November 2004 and, though they played coy at first, by August 2005, the Desperate Housewives star confirmed they were a couple, asking PEOPLE rhetorically, “What’s not to like?”

But last month, Anderson, responding to reports of a rift in the relationship, told PEOPLE, “Eva and Tony are going through a very difficult time right now, just like any other couple with extremely demanding careers.”

Then came Paris.

“The trip seems to have rekindled everything,” one close source tells PEOPLE.

For now, at least, “Everything seems good,” adds a Parker teammate. “He’s really hooked on her.”