Eva Longoria: I Hate Sex Scenes

The actress explains why there's no sizzle in her Desperate Housewives shoots

Godiva Chocolates, Texas, and NBA star Tony Parker. Those are just a few of Eva Longoria’s loves.

But sex scenes? No thanks.

“I hate sex scenes and kissing scenes,” the engaged actress, 31, tells the February issue of VEGAS Magazine. “It’s just an uncomfortable situation for everybody. ‘Put your elbow over here, find your light here.’ It’s not really natural and just awkward.”

She even admits that her Desperate Housewives on-again, off-again husband Ricardo Chavira is a bit turned off by steamy scenes, mainly because they have a brother-sister relationship.

“He tells me all the time: ‘People say, “You get to kiss Eva Longoria” – and he goes ‘Yeah, whatever.'”

In the interview, Longoria also dishes on her engagement – “it still makes me giggle” – and her clumsiness, which amuses her hoops-star husband-to-be.

“Tony laughs,” she adds. “He says, ‘I can’t believe everybody in the world thinks you’re so sexy and glamorous,’ because he knows I’m not glamorous in everyday life.”

Longoria’s interview with the magazine (on newsstands Feb. 1) is in advance of her trip to Sin City next month for the NBA All-Star game. The couple will also host a night at Pure Nightclub in Vegas on Feb. 17.

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