She loves her new husband Kyle Martino – and the fact he runs the vacuum

By Reagan Alexander
Updated January 18, 2012 10:00 AM
John Shearer/Getty

Wedded bliss is one thing, but “wedded Bissell”?

That’s the secret for Eva Amurri and husband of three months, Kyle Martino – they have clean carpets.

“It’s amazing! It’s amazing! It’s better than I ever could have dreamed of,” Amurri, 26, says of her marriage to the handsome soccer commentator, 30. “My husband is so patient and amazing, and he does vacuum the house without me having to ask him. That’s pretty romantic.”

Besides the cleanliness next to godliness aspect, the actress, 26, finds “it’s more romantic to be married” and sees her hubby’s attention to the simplest of household chores as a symbol of his devotion and affection.

“It’s doing something that I would otherwise have to do, and he does it without me having to ask him,” she told reporters at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in Los Angeles. “That, to me, is the most romantic thing that he can do.”

That’s not to say that some light dust-busting is where the passion ends, as Amurri admits she is reminded every day how fortunate she is to have found her partner for the long haul, in sickness and in health, in carpets dirty and clean.

“He’s very romantic in every way,” she tells PEOPLE. “I think it’s just really comforting and awesome to know that you have that person with you for life.”