Watch This Man Complete a Skydive with the World's Smallest Parachute

Ernesto Gainza's parachute for the jump was half the size of that used by expert skydivers


Thirty-five square feet isn’t a lot of space.

But Ernesto Gainza put his whole life into it.

Gainza recently completed a world record skydive – over Dubai – with a 35-sq.-ft. parachute.

Gainza set his record at the Palm Drop Zone in the United Arab Emirates on April 5, officially claiming the record for a skydive with the smallest parachute in the world.

As the video on YouTube mentions, most expert skydivers currently use parachutes that range from 80 and 200 square feet, and some high-performance canopies average between 70 and 90 square feet, but Gainza’s was half of that.

“Just before the jump I listen to positive words, relaxing music and then it’s time to do what I’ve prepared myself for,” Gainza told TIG Media of entrusting his life to 35 square feet of fabric.

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