Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time reveals the web show's biggest culinary disaster at VidCon

By Michael Miller
Updated July 25, 2015 03:50 PM
Credit: Keipher McKennie/WireImage

From fast food sushi to Four Loko chili to candy pizza, Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein has sampled an amazing array of bizarre – and borderline heart-attack inducing – food creations.

But the amateur chef and professional vlogger, who’s YouTube channel boasts over 6 million subscribers, revealed to his fans at the PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly interview stage at VidCon on Friday the one recipe he was never able to get right.

“One time we tried to make a gravy out of Jack Daniels whiskey, and it tasted so bad,” Morenstein, who normally has an iron stomach, admitted.

“No matter what we did, we couldn’t make a Jack Daniels gravy, and the amount of times I had this brown liquid in a blender, and I would drink it and basically it tasted like shots and like old gravy.”

Morenstein said the experience “was a nightmare,” and added, “It’s something we haven’t perfected yet.”

Despite the gravy incident, the YouTuber says that most of his outrageous, high calorie creations taste amazing.

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“[The food] tastes good like 96% of the time,” he said. “Last week – and this episode isn’t out yet so you guys are getting the exclusive lowdown right here – we made an ice cream lasagna last week, and it was made entirely out of ice cream and ice cream bars.”

What does an ice cream lasagna taste like? “Exactly like you imagine it would,” Morestein said.

Reporting by GABY OYLA