February 14, 2006 08:00 AM

Only days before the slayings of his wife and infant daughter in their suburban Boston home, their suspected killer, Neil Entwistle, examined a Web site that described “how to kill people by various methods” and searched for escort services near his Hopkinton, Mass., home, according to details obtained from his home computer by police investigators, CNN reports.

Entwistle, a British native, stands accused of shooting his wife, Rachel, 27, and their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian, on the morning of Jan. 20. Their bodies were so well concealed in the house that police did not find them for two days, by which time Entwistle had flown back to England on a one-way ticket.

Entwistle, also 27, was arrested in London last Thursday and charged with two counts of murder, one count of illegal possession of a firearm and one count of illegal possession of ammunition. At a hearing in the U.K., he chose not to fight extradition but has yet to be returned to the United States. (If convicted, he could face life in prison without parole. Massachusetts does not have the death penalty.)

Entwistle has been unemployed since last September, and the family was paying $2,700 a month for their home, case documents say.

Neil Entwistle, with Rachel and newborn Lillian

“I believe that there may be a financial motivation for this murder,” Massachusetts State Police Trooper Michael Banks stated in an affidavit.

The documents also reportedly show that Entwistle did not disclose the family’s precarious financial situation to his wife or her parents, who once believed that Entwistle had “some type of secret government job in England which he could not talk about,” according to Banks’s statement.

As for what police say they found on Entwistle’s computer, on Jan. 16, he visited a site called Adult Friend Finder, as well as searched the Web for “how to kill yourself, suicide, how to kill someone with a knife, and euthanasia,” police documents say. Further searches in both the same veins were also continued over the next few days.

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