With a 16-year-old back East and a nearly 1-year-old in L.A., the Entourage star is one busy dad

By Kimberly Lansing
Updated March 17, 2007 09:00 PM

On Entourage, Kevin Dillon plays the guileless – and often clueless – actor Johnny “Drama” Chase.

But in real life, the 41-year-old plays a far more serious role: dedicated long-distance father of a 16-year-old daughter.

“She’s in New York, so its tough right now, but I can wield a lot of power from a distance on the telephone,” Dillon told PEOPLE at an GQ/AG Adriano Goldschmied Boutique reception in Beverly Hills for an Entourage-inspired clothing line.

“I enjoy fatherhood,” says the Mamaroneck, N.Y., native, who moved to Los Angeles for the HBO series about life in Hollywood’s fast lane. “I love it, and I still spend a lot of time back East.”

Not that having a teen is without its concerns. “She’s been dating for awhile,” says Dillon. “She’s had a boyfriend for a year now. He’s a nice boy – thank God for that.”

Dillon, in fact, has two children. Daughter Ava, nearly 1, was born last May. Her mom is model-actress Jane Stuart, whom Dillon married earlier last year.

Besides being a father and husband at home, Dillon’s also a landlord – and handyman. “I do real estate,” he says about the L.A. four-plex he bought six years ago.

In addition to living there with his wife and daughter, “I have great tenants. They’ve all become my friends. They call me and say, ‘Hey Kev, we’ve got a drip!’ ”

As for Entourage, which begins its fourth season April 8, Dillon says, “There are some good things [ahead] for Johnny Drama. He’s got his career on the up, he did a show that people are starting to watch – I don’t want to say too much.”