Enrique Makes Peace with Howard

Despite the big build-up that Enrique Iglesias would defend charges by Howard Stern that he couldn’t sing, the 25-year-old faced a bigger issue than music with the shock jock on this morning’s Stern show: sex. Not just Enrique’s sex life, but that of his father, crooner Julio Iglesias. “You’re a good looking guy, there’s no question,” Stern repeatedly told Enrique (PEOPLE en Espanol’s Sexiest Man). So, did Enrique have sex this morning before appearing with Howard? “It’s too early,” said Enrique. “I know,” said Howard. “I hate doing this show, too.” Howard also pressed Enrique to reveal what it was like having a father who dated Diana Ross. (Stern’s precise question cannot be quoted here.) Enrique laughed off the question. Came time to defend his singing, Enrique — who removed his shirt at Howard’s request — delivered his rendition of “Rhythm Divine.” “Wow. Well, you can sing,” declared Stern. In return, Enrique got Howard to agree to play his songs for several days.

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