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The (formerly) happy couple had to spend four hours waiting for the tram to start running again

March 04, 2015 05:50 PM

Things went from an excited “Yes!” to one big “Oh no!” for newly engaged couple Arthur Edelhoff and Lindsay Duncan.

The Corrales, New Mexico, couple took a tram ride up to the top of Sandia Peak to celebrate their engagement and snap a few kissy pictures on Sunday, but then couldn’t get back down, reports KOB4.

Edelhoff and Duncan found that the tram had shut down due to winds during their photo session, leaving the lovebirds stuck on the mountaintop. Four hours passed before the weather calmed down and the duo was able to take their return trip to the bottom.

“We try and plan ahead for the wind as best we can,” said Jay Blackwood, the assistant manager of the Sandia Peak Tram. “We weren’t planning it to come as soon as it did. Mother Nature does what she wants to do.”

About 140 others were also stuck alongside Edelhoff and Duncan. Those stranded on the mountaintop by the 40-m.p.h. winds were offered shelter in Sandia Peak’s multiple buildings until the trams started operating again.

While everyone had somewhere warm to wait it out, several of the strandees were frustrated that they were left on the mountain, especially since Sandia Peak’s restaurant stopped serving dinner. Edelhoff hopes this experience encourages tram operators to come up with a different backup plan.

“They need a better emergency plan in place,” said Edelhoff. “There was a pregnant woman up there, children cold and hungry. The weather changes quickly in New Mexico, so you need to be able adjust to it.”

The tram eventually dropped off the hungry but still happy couple unharmed at the base of the mountain on Sunday evening.

A spokesperson for the tram says there is a warning on Sandia Peak’s website that the tram shuts down during bad weather, and that there is a wind meter at the ticket counter for passengers to reference before riding.

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