Amy Giberson

"Valentine's Day is the best time to give online dating a go, because what do you have to lose?" Amy, 33, tells PEOPLE.

February 12, 2016 04:55 PM


When it comes to finding love in unexpected ways, one couple from Florida takes the prize.

Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders, both 33, matched on a dating site in 2014, but it took them months to figure out they had been smitten with one another 30 years earlier. The two actually met for the first time at Sunshine Preschool in their hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida – flirting over building blocks and games of tag.

Amy and Justin in Pre-K and Amy and Justin now
Courtesy Amy Giberson

Now, Amy and Justin are engaged to be married and they want to share their tips for finding true love – online.

“Valentine’s Day is the best time to give online dating a go, because what do you have to lose?” Amy tells PEOPLE. “Put yourself out there! Hey, you could even meet your long lost love from preschool!”

Her fianc agrees. “You never know what you may find,” Justin tells PEOPLE.

The couple says that if you’re meeting a date for the first time on Valentine’s Day, consider bringing them a fun gift.

“A sports shirt of their favorite team or a bottle of wine or a case of beer is pretty safe,” says Amy. “It shows them you’re thoughtful without being too heavy.”

“Yes and I would also say flowers are a good bet. I feel like flowers are also sort of expected!” says Justin.

Newly engaged Amy and Justin sharing a hot chocolate
Amy Giberson

Know What You Want
“Be honest about whether you’re ready to date and find someone and commit to them. Online dating can deter people because you can feel like one of the many,” says Amy. “But be positive! Think of it as an exciting adventure.”

Absolutely No Bathroom Selfies
“Fifty selfies on a profile is really not impressive,” advises Justin. “What drew me to Amy was her positive energy, she looked like she was enjoying life.”

Sweet and Simple Profiles
“I’ve seen profiles where it’s like reading a book,” Justin says. “Keep it simple!”

Bachelor-Style First Dates are a No-No
“Unless you’re Ben Higgins, a helicopter ride for the first time you meet in person usually isn’t the best choice. Avoid loud places so you can have an actual in-depth conversation. That way you can really get to know the person!” says Justin.

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