20 Tales of Employees Who Were Fired Because of Social Media Posts

These people should have thought a little harder before updating their statuses

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Behold: 20 great reasons to A) use Pentagon-level security settings on your social media accounts and B) not post horrible things – courtesy of Reddit.

1. “A former colleague of mine posted about how he was going to use up all his sick leave then quit. He posted it at 9 a.m., and was told he didn’t have a job at 11 a.m.”

2. “I had to fire someone for this. He was a volunteer firefighter and left for a call which I allowed. Fifteen minutes later someone showed me his five minute-old post of him riding quads saying something along the lines of ‘Sometimes you just need to F-off from work.’ That put him on a final warning. He then left because he said HIS house was on fire then half-an-hour later his wife tagged him in a photo of him sitting in a kiddie pool in front of his house. The funny thing is, in both cases, if he had simply asked to leave early I probably would have said yes.”

3. “I work in a hospital and there was a police shooting in my area a couple of years ago. Multiple officers were brought into our ER. One officer was DOA and a number of idiot hospital employees posted condolences on their Facebook pages with the name of the officer before the family was officially informed. Seven or eight employees were rightfully fired for that one.”

4. “I once didnt get a job since I don’t have Facebook/etc. Apparently they wanted to see the kind of person I was, and I told them I like my privacy.”

5. “A prospective employee at the company I work for had just passed his interview, and was told that all he needs to do is pass a drug test and a physical and he would start on Monday. Someone found the new hire on Facebook and the guy had just posted 20 minutes after the interview, ‘S—! Anyone know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours?!'”

6. “I had to fire an employee for a tweet he wrote about a customer. He tweeted ‘(customer’s full name) would be a great name for a porn star.’ I found out about it when the customer’s lawyer called me the next day threatening action. Turns out the guy worked for the local newspaper and obsessively searched his name on all social media.”

7. “I was younger and an idiot. I posted something on facebook about wanting to go home and play The Sims so I could create [telecommunications store I worked for] on it and then slowly kill off all the customers. I was working a late night shift in a mall and forgot our new coworker had added me on Facebook days before.”

8. “I worked in tech assistance at an electronics store in college. A coworker was fired when a famous actor came in and she posted a lot of his private info on Facebook. Like ‘[Full name of actor] came into our store and bought this and this and has a black Amex card’ and stuff he had on his computer … not once but on 2 separate occasions.”

9. “One of my Facebook friends worked for the postal service in my town. She posted about how she wanted to kill her boss and went into some gory details. Then, about 5 hours later, she posted another status about how the Feds showed up at her house and that one of her coworkers had showed her boss the status and she was now fired. She’s obviously really dumb.”

10. “Guy at my company got sacked for putting a Facebook status along the lines of ‘f-ng immigrants, I hate them’ not realizing both his bosses (also owners of the company) were second generation immigrants from India. They started the company from scratch and now employ 30 people. They pay for full gym membership, healthcare, and generous pension for all the staff, which he had to say goodbye to when he was fired.”

11. “I worked for a place that has a giftshop. Inside of this gift shop were the most ugly, unwearable scarves on the face of the planet. I was younger and didn’t really care about the company or any possible consequences.I started a movement called ‘Scarf Tuesday.’ Basically, a few of us (on the clock) would meet up at 9 every Tuesday and wear a scarf for a photo on Facebook. These photos started getting likes and people loved them, so we kept going.

A few months later, I get pulled into my bosses office. On the wall are at least twenty of the scarf Tuesday pictures WITH THE FACES BLURRED OUT. My boss asks me, to this day, the funniest question I’ve ever been asked: ‘What do you see here?’ I smiled and told him it looked like employees wearing scarves.

He said he found it ‘hilarious’ but it was unacceptable and he was disappointed. Apparently somebody watching the cameras wasn’t happy and watched us for weeks piling evidence. Everybody had similar meetings in the next few days. I didn’t get canned right away because we stopped doing Scarf Tuesday, but the retaliation was awful and eventually I was blamed for just about everything that went wrong and got fired.”

12. “A co-worker of mine was fired recently because he got caught sneaking off from work to smoke weed and drink. This moron would post post photos of him smoking and drinking on Facebook. The boss found out and predictably fired him on the spot. This guy was almost 30-years-old.”

13. “A girl I know was a nurse at a hospital and got fired for posting things on Facebook such as: ‘Soooooo sleepy here in the ICU. Will someone please code and give me something exciting to do? #isthatbad?’ and a lot of racist things. The dumbest part about it was she was TAGGING the hospital she worked at in her posts”

14. “I posted a blog post on MySpace in 2005 that got me discharged from the Army. I indicated I had romantic feelings for a female and that I had acted on those feelings (I am also female). My sergeant suspected I was involved with this woman so she looked me up on MySpace, saw the blog post, and 3 months later, I was discharged for ‘homosexual conduct.'”

15. “Joined a games studio alongside a guy who’d just finished his philosophy degree. He felt that the game’s official forums were the best place to discuss whether disabled people would be ‘Of as much value as pigs’ after a post-apocalyptic event, and if they should be simply slaughtered and eaten. All using his company account, of course.”

16. “My female friend (18) was DM’d through Twitter by the news presenter (37) of our city. He was talking about her beach pictures and how she is really pretty and how they need to get together. He lost his job later that week, mostly because he used the wheather channel’s Twitter account.”

17. “My mom’s ex boyfriend was a waiter at a very elite restaurant and normally got very nice tips. Some guy left him a $5 tip for an over $100 bill and he got mad and posted the customer’s information on Facebook. He got fired the next day.”

18. “I was let go from the nations third largest insurance company for what were called ‘offensive tweets.’ Apparently someone with a name similar to mine was tweeting vulgar things to comedy accounts and they brought me into HR and terminated me. I sued for wrongful termination and won.”

19. “It was my first week on the job a week at a law firm, and had to ride with one of the female employees to the UPS store. She was a terrible driver, and almost wrecked multiple times. I posted on Facebook, ‘One week on the job and my coworker is trying to kill me; worst driver ever.’ The next day I was called into my bosses office with the girl sitting there with an expressionless look on her face, and there was a printout of my post. It was awkward and they fired me on the spot. All of my account information was also set to private, so they figured a way to check my activity.”

20. “A few years ago I knew a girl doing social media for a pastry company. Well, this was also around the time of the Casey Anthony trial, and the day the verdict was released she tweeted ‘Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!’

It SERIOUSLY blew up and she ended up getting fired a few days later. She was pretty upset about it for a while, but tells the story at parties now and gets that it’s pretty funny.”

Stories have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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