'Empire' Star Kaitlin Doubleday Is Married!

A little bad weather couldn't ruin this day

Photo: Instagram

Can’t rain on this parade!

Despite weather that wasn’t exactly ideal, Empire star Kaitlin Doubleday is officially a married woman.

Lee Daniels, who created the hit series that Doubleday, 31, currently stars in, shared a photo of the bride and her groom, DJ Devin Lucien, on Instagram Friday.

“Rhonda got married!!!!! Congrats Kaitlin & Devin . More Empire children getting married!!,” Daniels captioned the pic.

Daniels also shared a video, featuring co-star Gabourey Sidibe, who attend the wedding.

In the photo, a smiling Doublebay – whose wedding jewelry (with the exception of the rings) came from Tacori – holds her hubby’s hand as they walk down the aisle, having tied the know in an outdoor ceremony in Big Sur, California.

The actress – who served Winc wines at the wedding – was engaged last May and the broke the exciting news on Instagram.

“Cheers!!!!!!!! To the most memorable night of my life thus far @devinlucien,” she captioned a photo of the pair at dinner with her ring on full display.

Taking to Instagram again, Doubleday shared a photo of her wedding band as it sparkled in the sunlight during a car ride.

“Making sure they fit/mesmerized by the sparkle on our drive to the end of our lives! (Single lives that is) #KaitlinDevinDay,” she captioned the pic.

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