Happy Birthday Renée Zellweger! Watch Her Epic Meltdown in 1995's 'Empire Records'

It's the role that put her on the map

Photo: Everett

It’s a happy coincidence that Renée Zellweger’s birthday falls in the same month as Rex Manning Day on April 8 – a celebration honoring the character and faux pop star from one of Zellweger’s early films, Empire Records.

Zellweger starred as promiscuous record store cashier Gina and the best friend of good-girl Corey, played by Liv Tyler.

Zellweger’s career quickly took off after Empire Records. In 1996 she had a career-making role in Jerry Maguire and began raking in the awards, including three Golden Globes and an Oscar win in 2003 for her role in Cold Mountain.

And while it’s hard to pick a favorite Zellweger role, nothing will ever compare to her first big screen moment and that epic fight in Empire Records. Speed pills? Check. Plaid skirt? Check. Grungy onlookers? Check. Fabulous Zellweger bangs? Check!

Can someone just remind us what a record store was please?

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