Drumstick, rose, tongue and paw print – your new PIN? Those symbols are easier to remember than your grandmother's maiden name plus a random 10-digit number

By Maria Yagoda
June 15, 2015 04:20 PM
Intelligent Enviornments

Is your first language emoji? Do you communicate more effectively in colorful illustrations – say, of lipstick and poop and pizza slices – than in human words?

You’re in luck, because technology is finally catching up with you.

A U.K. company called Intelligent Environments is proposing a new system called “emoji security technology” that purports to transform the password and personal identification number (PIN) game. It found that about one third of 1,300 people surveyed have forgotten their PINs on at least one occasion. Intelligent Environments also found that “64% of millennials regularly communicate only using emojis.”

Intelligent Environments figured using emojis for PINs would make passcodes more memorable, and, let’s be honest, way more fun. Plus, emojis offer more security – the company will offer 44 emoji to choose from for your PIN, which generates 3,498,308 permutations. (Non-repeating digits only generate 7,290 permutations.)

“In addition, it will prevent hackers from identifying common and easily obtainable numerical pass codes, like a date of birth or a wedding anniversary,” the press release reads. “This new emoji security technology is also easier to remember as research shows humans remember pictures better than words.”

We’re on board – the only question is, which emojis will be included in the bank of 44? (If there’s no Girl Getting Her Nails Done emoji option, we refuse to participate.)