Emmy Rossum's Rabbit Tales and Google Addiction

The actress blogs between takes while filming Dragonball in the Mexico desert

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty

Situated in the sand dunes of Mexico, actress Emmy Rossum spends her siesta blogging.

“Our location is, what I can only describe as, a sand dune desert. I ve been riding the motorcycle in 4-foot sand drifts since sunrise to get the shot just right. The wonderful, kind and talented Chow Yun Fat is hanging on for dear life in back. We ve been doing about 40mph, and over bumpy sand dunes that is enough to make anyone a little queasy,” she writes between takes on the Dragonball set, just outside Dunas de Bilbao.

Besides digging sunk bikes from the sand, Rossum has been watching the rabbits. “Yes, rabbits in the desert,” she writes on her MySpace blog. “Tall ones, 3-feet when they stand up on their hind legs. … It got me wondering what they might eat out here in this dry sandy desert, which prompted a Google search for ‘rabbits in Mexico desert.’ (By the way, I should mention I am a big Googler (is that a word?).”

She find the search engine “informative and – usually – trustworthy,” but writes she was less than thrilled with the rabbits’ diet so she decided to share her leftovers. “The rabbits eat twigs, seeds and branches off the desert trees,” she writes. “However, I did feel a little sorry for them, as the desert trees don t look very appetizing at all. I got a plate from catering of lettuce, greens, and chayote and left it out for them.”

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