Emmy Rossum's Dating Advice? Stay Away from Bad Boys

Instead, the Shameless star tells PEOPLE women should find a "fixer-upper"

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty

Emmy Rossum has some advice for women attracted to bad boys: “Stop!”

The 27-year-old may play a Shameless character who’s attracted to heartbreakers, but they’re definitely not Rossum’s type in real life.

“I’m kinda more attracted to the nerd,” she told PEOPLE at Real Simple‘s Beauty & Balance Botanical Cocktail party Saturday in New York City.

“I’m really into guys who are super smart and funny and can teach me something I don’t know about.”

Rossum – who’s dated her Shameless costar Tyler Jacob Moore and Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, and divorced music exec Justin Siegel in 2009 – says it’s important to see beyond a guy’s looks.

“Girls, and guys too, are so shallow that we don’t give a chance to the good guy who’s maybe not as cute,” she says. “They’re kinda like a fixer-upper apartment.”

“You need to pick the guy who’s really good inside and then give him a makeover,” she advises. “Turn him into the perfect version of himself. You can never change what’s inside, that’s the problem. You can change their jacket and their hairstyle, and buy them a Clarisonic.”

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