"It's about decorum. It's about correctness. It's about kindness," Rossum told Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talk show

Emmy Rossum is encouraging America to come together, regardless of how they cast their ballot on Nov. 8, in the wake of the divisive presidential election.

A day after the 2016 election, which saw GOP candidate Donald Trump take the victory over Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, the Shameless star took to Twitter to express her sorrow over the winning president-elect.

“This morning still sad. I was looking forward to the next 4 yrs. To having a child, maybe a daughter, under the first female president,” tweeted Rossum, 30. “So I’m sad. But I woke up this morning and the sun came up. And I made my breakfast and fed the dogs. And the world didn’t end.”

But one specific tweet resulted in hateful backlash from Twitter trolls that didn’t agree with the actress’ views and opinions: “I am a woman. I am Jewish. I am marrying an Arab American. My sister in law is handicapped. I’m a victim of sexual violence. It’s personal.”

During her visit to Chelsea Handler’s talk show, Rossum addressed the negative and cruel responses that were directed at her — and why she chose to speak up.

“I think it’s important, the whole idea, if you see something say something. Be safe, stick up for yourself, stick up for others,” Rossum began. “I don’t generally interact with people who are, say, trolls on Instagram, but if someone makes a specific threat me or against someone and I’m at replied on it, I think that standing idly by and being silent is in and of itself just as bad.”

Although Rossum endorsed Clinton in the 2016 presidential race and was sad to see her lose, she is beckoning the nation to unite, regardless of differing outlooks.

“There is a need to come together. I think hate on either side of the aisle — it’s not about who you voted for or what you believe — it’s about common decency. It’s about decorum. It’s about correctness. It’s about kindness,” she added. “It’s so important to come together in that way. And that applies to being a woman; applies to being Muslim; it applies to being a Jew; it applies to being Hispanic; it applies to being disabled; it applies to being LGBT; it applies to so many different things that we really need to work harder and do better.”

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