The actress was the target of pranksters when she visited the campus of a rival college
Credit: Fame

Harvard University students have good reason to be, well, crimson.

Kids from the Ivy League school are being lambasted after a boorish prank in which they stalked Harry Potter hottie Emma Watson at a football game between their school and hers, Brown University.

Watson, 19, was in Cambridge, Mass., to cheer on her team (Harvard beat Brown 24-21), but the defeat was the least of her worries: The actress had to be flanked by security guards to keep gawkers and stalkers away, the New York Post reports.

The instigators were reportedly students who worked at Harvard Voice magazine. “We will be Live-Tweetin’ the game and possibly stalking Emma Watson, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too!” the magazine’s Twitter feed read.

Tweets that followed included:

“Let’s go Hermione! Lolz.”

“In enemy territory. Lookin for a certain witch.”


The magazine then posted a photograph of Watson on its Web site and called the stalking mission a “success.”

Watson, who had been enjoying her freshman year at a U.S. university, reportedly looked shaken.

The stunt – which the Voice defended as a parody – provoked a flurry of criticism, including on the campus magazine’s own Web site.

“Anybody can do anything unfeelingly to anybody in this day and age, especially if they feel imbued with entitlement from membership in Harvard College,” one person wrote.

In response to the complaints, the magazine responded: “There seems to be much ado about nothing over this photo and liveblog. Understand that these live tweets were made to be intentionally outrageous and overblown.”