The Harry Potter star tells Vogue Italy that while she has struggled in the spotlight, she wouldn't change a thing

Credit: Goff/INF

Playing Hermione isn’t as spellbinding as it seems. Emma Watson says she has struggled during her journey from 9-year-old child actress to 18-year-old movie star.

“In a way, it’s hard to grow up inside a film. I lived a period of my life that is full of lessons and changes under the spotlight,” the Harry Potter actress tells Vogue Italy.

“People have the strange feeling of knowing me intimately because they have seen my transformation from child to woman, albeit only on screen.”

Watson, who appears in a 20-page photo shoot in the magazine’s September issue, appears dressed in fairy tale-like gowns and couture dresses by Versace, Chanel and Armani Privé in a dreamy, theatrical setting.

However, for all her misgivings about her celebrity status, Watson insists she “wouldn’t want my childhood in show business to have been any different.”

The actress adds: “I learned a lot of things, met tons of people from as many different places and had incredible experiences. It was just a bit different, but that’s okay.”

Still, Watson admits that at times she feels overwhelmed. “Some days I wish my life were simpler,” she says, “but the rest of the time I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. After all, whose life is normal?”

Watson, who recently completed her high school finishing exams. also revealed that her role models include Julia Roberts – “As a child I always wanted to be her. She has a magnetic personality and smile” – and Goldie Hawn, “because she’s lots of fun and for her showbiz abilities.”