Dave Benett/Getty
February 16, 2017 11:52 AM

Emma Watson: actress, feminist … expert advice giver?

Watson, 26, gave life advice to commuters at Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday via an iPad for a mere $2.

The actress appeared on a screen in a makeshift advice booth carried by writer Derek Blasberg. The social experiment allowed strangers to speak nearly face-to-face with Watson as they asked her various questions about life and love.


“So I just ‘ran’ into Emma Watson at Grand Central giving advice for $2 through an iPad booth … #welcometoNY #keepitweird #emmawatson,” one onlooker captioned an Instagram video.

In the clip, a man is seen nodding his head as both Watson and Blasberg speak.

In another photo posted to social media, Watson is seen leaning forward on the iPad screen as she answers a question from a fan.


“Just Emma Watson giving life advice in grand central station,” read the caption.

Though the purpose of the interactive experiment is unclear, it’s possible it has to do with Watson’s upcoming movie The Circle, which explores the dark side of the digital age.

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