The Harry Potter star's rep shoots down rumors that the actresses are fighting over the Twilight hunk

By Eunice Oh
Updated September 30, 2010 02:45 PM
Credit: Xposure; Getty; Startaks

Emma Watson isn’t biting at the chance to date Robert Pattinson.

A British magazine reported this week that Kristen Stewart was upset the Harry Potter star was “trying to steal” the Twilight hunk away from her, but Watson’s rep says the story simply isn’t true.

“There is no feud, nor any hint of one,” her rep tells Celebuzz. “This is a complete case of mischief making.”

The rumors reportedly began after speculation that Watson, 20, would star opposite Pattinson, 24, in the upcoming film Dark Arc.

Though they’ve remained tight-lipped and low-key about their romance, Stewart and Pattinson were last spotted snuggling in August.

Watson, meanwhile, has been dating musician George Craig and even teamed up with him for his band’s “Say You Don’t Want It” music video.