Emma Stone, now starring in Battle of the Sexes, got an unexpected gift from the Oscar host
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Forget congratulatory flowers or chocolates. After winning her Oscar for Best Actress earlier this year, Emma Stone received an unexpected gift from Jimmy Kimmel.

“He sent underwear for [my Oscar], like rubber underwear, so he’s wearing tighty-whities,” Stone, 28, explains in the latest issue of PEOPLE. “Jimmy said, ‘I’d like to bring some decency into your home.'”

When asked where she keeps her award, Stone says she allows one very important person to look after it.

“My mom holds on to it,” she says.

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Following her Oscar-winning role in La La Land, the actress is now playing tennis legend Billie Jean King in the new movie Battle of the Sexes, about the 1973 tennis match between King and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), who boasted he could beat any female player.

In the latest issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday, Stone and King sat down to discuss the movie, their friendship and what it’s like to find success at an early age.

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Emma Stone and Billie Jean King.

King won 39 Grand Slam titles. But she says she has given most of her tennis trophies away.

“I gave most of mine away as thank-yous,” says King. “You don’t want to think about what you did yesterday. It’s about what can I do today and tomorrow.”

Battle of the Sexes hits theaters Sept. 22.