Emma Bunton on Crutches After Stage Stumble

The Spice Girl is expected to be back on her feet before their next gig

Video courtesy AP

Baby Spice is taking baby steps toward recovery after a mid-show spill.

“I had a tumble on stage and unfortunately I have sprained my ankle,” Bunton told PEOPLE in a statement. “So I’m hobbling around on crutches.”

But as the Spice Girls were photographed Wednesday night with their Virgin Atlantic tour jet – newly christened “Spice One” – Bunton was able to look glamorous with her new accessories.

A rep confirmed that the mishap occurred during the group’s Monday night show in Las Vegas.

Bunton, who recently admitted she gets carried away on stage, said she is confident she’ll make “a speedy recovery” before their next show. The quintet begins a highly anticipated string of London appearances Dec. 15.
– Caris Davis

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