Eminem's Wife in Suicide Attempt: Police

Kim Mathers, wife of chart-busting rapper Eminem, attempted suicide on Friday night at the couple’s suburban Detroit home, said a representative of the Grammy winner’s record label. Police in Sterling Heights, Mich., responded to a medical emergency at the home of Eminem (whose real name is Marshall B. Mathers III) at 11:30 p.m., found the 25-year-old woman and treated her, authorities said in a press release. They had been told that she had tried to kill herself, though police did not provide further details, other than to say she was eventually taken to a hospital for observation and later released. Recently, Eminem was involved in a parking lot skirmish with a man who reputedly had kissed Kim Mathers. The case is pending in court over the rapper’s alleged brandishing of an unloaded gun at the time. “Eminem is obviously concerned about his wife’s well-being,” Dennis Dennehy, of Interscope Records, told the Associated Press. He added that the incident is “a private matter, which they’ll be addressing privately.” Friday night, Eminem was performing in Auburn Hills, Mich.

  • In other news, an Eminem video concert shown on his current tour was censored in the Grammy-winning rapper’s home state. Detroit city officials reportedly pressured promoters to pull a video from the “Up in Smoke” tour, featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem. The footage showed a partially clad woman in one scene and, in another, Snoop Dogg holding a liquor store robber and asking the audience, “Should I shoot . . . ?” Auburn Hills, Mich., authorities followed suit, threatening charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors should the video be shown. In the Detroit case, there was no time to stop the order, and the video was not shown at a concert late last week. (Eminem, already facing weapons charges in Detroit, decided not to fight the decree, reports the Associated Press.) But by the weekend, in the Auburn Hills case, concert promoters went to court and won the right to show the video.
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