A Michigan judge in Macomb County ruled on Monday that in her $11 million defamation lawsuit against her son, Eminem’s mother is entitled to only about $1,600 of a $25,000 settlement she won against her the rap star. Debbie Mathers originally sued her son in 1999. In June, Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Mark Switalski ruled in her favor for $25,000. But on Monday, reports the Associated Press, Switalski ruled that $23,354.25 of that belongs to Mathers’s attorney, Fred Gibson. Attorneys on both sides of the case claim that the ruling is Mathers’s fault, because of a deal that she hatched with Gibson concerning her ex-husband, John Briggs that entitled the lawyer to more than the standard one-third of the settlement. Mathers slapped the lawsuit against her son, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress over lyrics on his debut CD, “The Slim Shady LP.” Mathers told the Detroit Free Press that she is writing a book about her life raising Eminem.