Eminem’s mother, Debbie Mathers-Nelson, is to receive $25,000 from her son, whom she had claimed defamed her in some song lyrics and interviews. But that’s all she will receive, according to a ruling handed down by Macomb County, Mich., Judge Mark Switalski. The jurist has denied Mathers-Nelson’s request to reconsider a settlement concerning her pair of defamation lawsuits that, at one point, totaled $11 million against her 28-year-old rapper son, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III. Mathers-Nelson, 46, contends she was pressured into settling for the low figure. But court records produced at a hearing earlier this month include a transcript of a voicemail message she left for Eminem’s attorney on May 9, in which she stated that she would settle for $25,000. Peter Peacock, the rapper’s attorney, told the Detroit Free Press that case is closed, unless Eminem’s mother appeals. “We’re very pleased with this,” Peacock added. Mathers-Nelson’s attorney, Michael Marsalese, said his client has yet to decide whether or not she will take the case to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Meanwhile, in other news of the real Slim Shady, after several days of negotiations MTV has agreed to play a new video (“Purple Hills”) by Eminem’s group, D12, reports the Associated Press. The proviso is, the cable music station will air it only during the overnight hours. In addition, said an MTV rep, the song lyrics had to be cleaned up to minimize overt drug references.