Debbie Mathers, the mother of trouble boy rapper Eminem, has launched her own hip-hop CD, “Set the Record Straight,” available for $6.95 on her Web site, She told The Washington Post that the record is “a form of therapy” for her. “Marshall was so hateful and mean. He hurt me so bad, and I’m releasing a lot of hurt,” said the elder Mathers, who is suing her son (whose real name is Marshall Mathers) for $10 million. She alleges in her court papers that he called her an unstable drug user during his formative years. She has reportedly declined a settlement from her son’s attorneys. For the record (the CD, that is), there is a track called “Dear Marshall (An Open Letter to Eminem), on which Debbie declares her love for her son — as well as her pain when she was giving birth to him. It goes, in part: “I was so excited about your success, yet so let down by your betrayal . . . The demeaning me needs to stop. The words really hurt and they cut like a knife, with no way to mend a bleeding heart.” Eminem spokesman Dennis Dennehy is telling news sources that the Grammy-winning rapper is declining comment on his mom’s CD.