By Stephen M. Silverman And Courtney Rubin
Updated June 25, 2003 01:00 PM

It was a nice gift — but not “$450,000” nice. Contrary to earlier reports, Eminem did not play Sugar Daddy at a concert in suburban London Monday, when he randomly handed over a chain and pendant he was wearing — originally estimated to be worth $450,000 — to one of his fans, PEOPLE has learned.

True, the rapper did hand over a trinket to a young woman after announcing onstage that “I’m going to give this to the sexiest woman I see.”

But a spokesperson for Eminem’s label tells PEOPLE the pendant and chain is “actually worth about 300 pounds,” or $460.

“He was making a joke,” the rep adds.

As for the recipient — a stunned girl standing in the front row — her name still isn’t known, but it’s expected that she will be tracked down by British newshounds.

According to the BBC, one observer in the hall, Toby Friedner, said of the necklace, “It looked like a huge diamond-encrusted crucifix. … The girl he gave it to was blond, pretty, wearing glasses and 18 to 20.”

He added, “She was obviously shocked.”

As for the rest of the concert, held in the Milton Keynes Bowl, the Financial Times’ music critic Richard Milne said it began “promisingly,” with a video montage of U.S. politicians, TV pundits and other “do-gooders” condemning Eminem’s lyrics, but for the most part the music during the performance was so loud as to render the main attraction — Eminem himself — inaudible.

The review also said Eminem made his entrance on a Ferris wheel, as opposed to his usual props of a mask and chainsaw.