By Rachel F. Elson
Updated November 25, 2003 11:00 AM

Eminem appears to be getting some lyrical revenge on his longtime rival, Raymond “Benzino” Scott, founder of hip-hop magazine The Source.

Portions of three previously unreleased Eminem tracks were leaked onto the Internet this weekend — including a track titled “Bully” that appears to take aim directly at Benzino, MTV reports.

The song reportedly begins with Eminem speaking from another character’s perspective: “It’s my right to insist that he acknowledges my existence, but he just displays complete lack of respect.”

Eminem then continues in his own voice: “That’s what he says to himself as he uses magazines to trash me/ As he sits with both his feet up at his desk/ Smokes a bag of his weed/ And starts imagining things/ And he just can’t see that he’s manically depressed.”

Although the release immediately follows the latest flare-up between the two — in which Benzino last week unveiled a decade-old tape of a freestyle rap in which the then-15-year-old Eminem used racially offensive language to describe black women — Eminem’s representatives insist to MTV that these new tracks are six months old, and that “Bully” was never released.

Eminem last week apologized for the older rap, saying it was a youthful response to a bad breakup with a black girlfriend. “I reacted like the angry, stupid kid I was,” he said. “I hope people will take it for the foolishness that it was.”

Meanwhile, Benzino on Monday attacked hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons for defending the white rapper over the racially charged incident, MTV notes. In the wake of the old Eminem tape’s release last week, Simmons’s Hip-Hop Summit Action Network said that the language was “regrettable” but said that the group accepted the rapper’s “sincere and forthright” apology.