April 10, 2002 12:00 PM

A civil lawsuit over a June 2000 parking lot incident involving Eminem and the man who supposedly was kissing the rapper’s then-wife, Kimberly Scott Mathers, has been settled, reports Michigan’s Macomb Daily. John Guerra, 28, will receive $100,000 minus legal fees from Eminem, 29, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, says the paper. Claiming emotional distress because Eminem pulled a handgun on him, Guerra sued the musician a few days after the confrontation outside a Warren, Mich., nightclub, the Hot Rock Sports Bar and Music Cafe. According to the suit, Eminem brandished the unloaded weapon and hit him in the head and face. The Grammy winner later pleaded guilty to charges of carrying a concealed weapon, and is now serving two years’ probation for the crime. (He is serving a similar sentence on a separate incident involving the same gun that same weekend, notes the Macomb Daily.) “Probably this kind of publicity has made him (Eminem) a lot more money than that. It feeds that bad-boy rapper image,” John Gaber, an attorney who is co-counsel for Guerra in the case, told the Macomb Daily. “I’m sure he had some attorney fees to pay, but I imagine he’s benefited to some degree in the end.” Neither Eminem nor Guerra admits any civil liability or wrongdoing in this outcome. “I’m sure he’s pleased that the litigation is over with, the same way anyone is, I suppose, who has to go through litigation when it’s finally over,” Eminem’s legal representative, Peter Peacock, told the Macomb Daily.

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