By Stephen M. Silverman
September 16, 2003 01:00 PM

It almost seems like Eminem spends more time in court than he does in the recording studio.

The latest legal action against the rapper comes from a 70-year-old Southern California grandmother, who claims in a lawsuit that Eminem unlawfully used music written by her late movie-composer husband, the Smoking Gun Web site reports.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court by Helen Stein, contends that Eminem’s 1999 debut album “The Slim Shady LP” — specifically, the song “Guilty Conscience” — took part of her husband Ronald Stein’s score from the 1970 movie “Getting Straight,” starring Elliot Gould and Candice Bergen. On the flick’s soundtrack, the Stein piece was called “Pigs Go Home.”

Ronald Stein died in 1988 and Helen Stein inherited his publishing rights, according to the Smoking Gun, which also notes that “The Slim Shady LP” was immensely profitable for Eminem, 30 (real name: Marshall B. Mathers III), having sold 5 million copies.

Also named as defendants in Stein’s suit is producer Dr. Dre (real name: Andre Young), Eminem’s music publishing companies and his Interscope record label.

While “The Slim Shady LP” liner notes do mention that “Guilty Conscience” contains “an interpolation” from “Pigs Go Home,” Ronald Stein is not credited as composer, according to the complaint.

In other Eminem legal news, last month lawyers for the rapper asked for the dismissal of a lawsuit alleging that the rapper had slandered a former schoolmate.

DeAngelo Bailey, 32, a sanitation worker, sought $1 million in damages from Eminem, claiming the song “Brain Damage,” which was also included on “The Slim Shady LP,” tarnished his reputation.

Among the song’s lyrics: “I was harassed daily by this fat kid named DeAngelo Bailey. An eighth-grader who acted obnoxious, ’cause his father boxes. So every day he’d shove me into the lockers.”