Eminem Pleads Guilty to Charge

Grammy nominated rapper Eminem, 28, pleaded guilty in a Michigan courtroom Wednesday to a concealed weapons charge after prosecutors agreed to drop a felony assault charge against him. NBC News described his demeanor before the judge as “polite” and “soft-spoken,” in stark contrast to his stage persona. The hearing took place because of an incident outside a Detroit-area nightclub last June, when the musician brandished an unloaded gun and fought with a man who was kissing Eminem’s wife, Kimberly Mathers, according to prosecutors. Sentencing has been set for April 10. Prosecutor Carl Marlinga has said that the musician, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers, could be sentenced to as much as 17 months in prison. Mathers’s lawyers have asked that he be sentenced to probation instead of a jail term. “Marshall is looking forward to putting this matter behind him,” his attorney, Dennis Dennehey, told the Associated Press, adding that his client is still expected to perform at the Grammys next Wednesday, Feb. 21, when he is scheduled to deliver a duet with Elton John. “He’ll be there,” said Dennehey.

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