G.I. Joe, move over. A Brooklyn-based toy manufacturer called Art Asylum is readying an Eminem action figure to hit store shelves this July, reports the New York Post. “They’re very highly detailed,” a spokesman for the firm told the paper. “They look just like him. We even have all his tattoos.” Three versions of the controversial rapper fashioned in plastic — “Slim Shady,” “Marshall Mathers” and “Eminem” — will reportedly come in two different sizes and sell for $20 each in music and specialty shops. As a special bonus, the Post notes, accessories will include a chain saw and hockey mask, so those playing with their Eminem dolls can re-enact the musician’s stage antics in the privacy of their own homes. Not to be outdone, California-based Fewture Models has announced that it will release four different action figures based on shock rocker Marilyn Manson, whose first big hit was the album “Antichrist Superstar.” Asked for comment on the upcoming dolls, Catholic League communications director Patrick Scully told the Post, “Is this a joke?”